//All UCANDAS VDM2 Reviews

All UCANDAS VDM2 Reviews

The UCANDAS Diagnostic System is ingeniously designed to recreate the functionality of the OEM tools used by automotive manufacturers’ dealers, empowering independent garage shops to provide complete servicing in their own shops, including data stream, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, component activation and immobilizer key coding, etc


Two weeks ago, a car owner drive me a BMW 2014, find it’s not compatible with my autocom, then tested other more car models after 2014, it can’t work neither.A friend recommended me VDM UCANDAS scanner.Got ont and installed on Win7 ,Tested successfully on some car models after 2000 year, like 2012 honda cr-v, Jeep, Dodge, a part of cars up to 2014 year. It works great for new cars, response fast while testing cars.


VDM Ucandas is the seldom product which can covers Australian Ford and Holden. Latest software new adds Asian ASIAGM and USA JEEP, SCION. test renault megane 2 all ok


Fiat Ducato 2008 – nothing!!!
Mercedes W210 – engine ok, gearbox no! (of course no problem with SD)
Mercedes A W168 – all ok.
BMW E46, E39, E38 – all ok.
Opel Astra II – Airbag no, rest ok. Open Vectra C – SRS no.
Mazda 6 2003 – all ok.
Peugeot 407 – SRS no.
VW Sharan 2001 – can’t read PIN.


I replaced the ECM/PCM ,but after i need rematched it with Immobilizer .So i use my UCANDAS VDM Diagnostic tool to performing this function.
After i did all steps as below .GIF show ,then all my car keys and Remote key can normally start the engine .


You can use this VDM Scanner to do customize setting on Toyota COROLLA ,this is the special function which can reset the parameters .
I recorded the steps by this short gif .

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