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Autel MaxiAP AP200 OBD2 Reader Original Autel AP200 Scanner



Autel MaxiAP AP200 Bluetooth OBD2 Reader

The MaxiAP AP200 is a small diagnostic adapter used to connect to a vehicle’s diagnostic connector (DLC) and connect with the Android or iOS device for vehicle data transmission, making your Android or iOS devices (hereinafter referred to as device or devices) a powerful diagnostic tool.  With Bluetooth Supported  ,this MaxiAP AP200 will be  the perfect Do-It-Yourself tool for customers looking for quick and easy diagnostic functions of all systems. It is almost compatible with all vehicle models of European, Asian, and North America makes.


Autel AP200 Software: Software Install on Android or IOS device.

The Kit come ONE Vehicle and OBDII Diagnostic Software , Others Vehicle Software Each Brand 21.99usd for IOS ,15.99 for Android.

Autel AP200 Languages:

English,  Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian,French, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

Autel MaxiAP AP200 Functions:

1. Superior Systems Diagnoses

  • You can use this multi-tasking OBD2 scanner with superior systems diagnoses to read all accessible systems’ ECU info to ease the diagnosis of the vehicle. The systems differ from different cars and they basically comprise of the engine, transmission, EPB, SRS, Fuel system, ABS, SAS and TPMS.
  • Go through all the DTCs from the control systems of the vehicle to find out problem areas and find solutions.
  • After the DTCs retrieval and repair, erase the codes.
  • Real-time data shows every parameter item in analog, message, and waveform graph mode.
  • The active test is conducted to check the vehicle-specific subsystem and component assessments.

2. Advanced Reset Services

The Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner is made to offer you with easy access to the vehicle systems for several scheduled services and maintenances. Some usual special reset services are given below for your reference:

  • Oil reset: Go for reset for Engine Oil Life System which assesses an optimum oil life change period depending on the driving conditions of the vehicle and climate.
  • EPB reset: Keep the electronic braking system safe by deactivating and activating the brake control system, going for brakes setting after pad or disc change.
  • BMS reset: Assess the battery charge state, check the close-circuit current and sign up for battery replacement.
  • SAS reset: Do Steering Angle Sensor calibration which fully stores the straight-ahead position in the present steering wheel position in EEPROM.
  • TPMS reset: Check the tire sensor IDs from the ECU of the vehicle and do TPMS replacement and sensor check.
  • IMMO service: Disable the lost keys of the car and go for the replacement key.
  • DPF regeneration: Handle DPF regeneration, DPF component change teach-in and after replacement engine control unit DPF teach-in.

3. Complete OBD2 Functions

  • Go through the present, pending and permanent codes in OBD system.
  • Fully detected fault codes and switch off the Check Engine Light effectively.
  • See graphical real-time data of the car’s computer module for simple analyses.
  • See the operating parameters of the car when DTC is detected.
  • View I/M readiness status to get your vehicle checked for state emission regulation compliance.
  • Practice O2 sensor test to see fuel efficacy and vehicle emissions.
  • Check the results of diagnostic monitoring assessments for particular components.
  • Retrieve the car info of CINs, VIN and CVNs fully.
  • Go for the component test by permitting initiating a leak test for car’s EVAP system

4. 10 Modes of OBD2:

The easy access alternative “EOBD” for OBD II or EOBD car diagnosis to assess DTCs and find out the reason of illuminated mal-functioning indicator lamp, assess monitor status before emissions certification testing, check repairs and do a number of other tasks which are related to emissions.

Status of the vehicle
Information of the vehicle
Component test
On-board monitor
Real-time access
I/M readiness

5. Autel MaxiAP AP200 Other Functions:

AutoVIN technology automatically identifies cars.
Create repair reports of the tested cars and provide PDF format for simple sharing and printing.
Keep records of the cars previously analyzed.

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  1. Alex

    Great Autel AP200 scanner. One brand auto for free. Mercedes diesel reads all the blocks without problems, erases errors, dropped the service interval. Of course not old-diagnostics, but to look in everyday mode what happens to the car, for such money is fire. Functionality for normal diagnostics is enough

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