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Autocom CDP ,Delphi DS150E Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner V2021.11


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Full chips clone AUTOCOM cdp+ and Delphi DS150E will make you working last V2021.11 Software.Prefectly suit V4601 Firmware!


Autocom CDP &Delphi DS150E Diagnostic Tool with Bluetooth

Autocom CDP and Delphi DS150E Diagnostic tool takes all the functionality and coverage of the DS100E and transfers it onto a PC platform. Faster diagnosis supports diagnostics on around 54,000 vehicle systems.On more than 4000 models from over 48 Vehicle Manufacturers.Full system coverage for Mazda,  Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, VAG, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Vauxhall, Rover, Fiat, Volvo, Hyundai….and more!

Which Type VCI should I buy ?

1.  1PCB ones VCI is 1:1 clone Original ones, that make it able update to last V3201 and 4601 Fimware and work great on V2020 Autocom/Delphi software.
The best Firmware for 2PCB ones VCI  is V1622.

2.AUTOCOM VCI is no difference compare Delphi DS150E ,Just the shape different .AUTOCOM VCI able use Delphi softaware and Delphi DS150E also able work on AUTOCOM Programmer .

Delphi DS150E /Autocom CDP Highlights:

  1.  Newest Version: V2020.23 CD,You can also free download AUTOCOM 2020.23 Here and get free activation code (2pcb version not advise update to last firmware when use autocom 2020 software)
  2. Update via email, This is Delphi ds150 clone ones
  3. Work on both cars and trucks,You can buy Car Cables set and Truck cables set for work on Older Vehicles.
  4.  High Quality V3.0 PCB with Full chip included 9241A,GEZ Diode,FT232RL,Wireless BT4.2 and 21pcs NEC Relays .You can check out details on Cruit Board from Gallery.

Autocom CDP and Delphi DS150E Functions:

1.Read & Erase Fault Codes & SLR All Systems(Petrol & Diesel Engine Management, ABS, Instrument panel, Climate control, Gearbox, Immobiliser, SRS, Multifunction (Central Body, Central Locking,   Convenience Systems, Chassis, Infotainment, Lights, Navigation, Seats, TPMS etc-Vehicle Specific) ),

2.Look at Live Data, graphing and saving of live data

3.Component Activation

4.ECU Coding / Parameter Adjustments / Component Configuration (initialization of new components, particulate filter regeneration, Diesel Injector coding, TPMS etc)

5.Intelligent System Scan – complete scan of all ECU / ECM’s on vehicle platform, configurable by system

6. Full Vehicle Information tree – allowing vehicle specific check of OBD functionality without being connected to a vehicle-Customer reporting system-Direct Linking to Delphi Technical Data

7. Service Light Reset and Service Interval Reset, including ‘BMW Condition Based Service’ reset and Fiat Stilo, VAG.

    Audi A6, A8 / VW Passat, – Electronic Handbrake, Piston reset for before and after brake service.

    Mercedes E Class (211/230) Deactivation and Activation of SBC (brake-by-wire) brake system, so that brakes can be serviced.

    Peugeot Additive Tank Reset and Regeneration of Particle Emission Filters

    Renault Laguna II, Espace IV, Velsatis, Peugeot 607, 807 and Citroen C5 & C8 – Tyre    

8.Pressure Monitoring Systems – Valve programming

9.Diesel Injector Coding for Delphi Systems

10.AUTOCOM OBD support key programming on some vehicles


Delphi DS150E Bluetooth Package List:

 1 X Delphi DS150e (AUTOCOM CDP ) 100251 VCI
1 X Delphi 2020. 23 Software DVD
1 X USB cable
Options: CAR OBD Cables and Truck cables set .

Which ones AUTOCOM /DELPHI DS150E choose ?Single Board or Double Boards DELPHI DS150 Scanner ?

1.Used this V2020 Software on 2 boards AUTOCOM interface with 1622 FW , Test a BMW 2012 5 series and autocom would only connect via GENERIC Scan. I then open my 2014 version on same laptop and it connects to the BMW fine. Connect the interface with V2020 delphi software ,VW Golf 2011 MK6 and it worked perfectly.
So as previous users have noted, there is an issue with the BMW’s on 2020 using a 2 board interface, I cant comment on the single board as I dont it but seems it worth buy one pcs.

2.Hello, work perfect for me with 2 boards AUTOCOM interface and firmware 1622. I have tried 3 cars with kline, injection ok, srs ok. I will test more cars with CAN and UDS this week.
Thank you very much

3. Can some say me why i can read Fiesta 2015 but not a BMW 7 Series 2012 … Firmware 1622 and SW 2020.23
Connection is good but says can connect to ECU. only what i can do is Read the VIN

Have been talked about and tested a lot, this 2020 software in order to work properly requires a very high quality single board DELPHI DS150E vci running firmware version 3200, you should then find that it connects to BMW cars no problem at all. The 3201 firmware will hardly connect to anything if used with a double board vci, so that is why they say to use 1622 firmware if you have a double board vci, but then with that set up using 2020 software causes problems connecting to bmw and volvos.
So you have two options, one is to buy a very high quality single board AUTOCOM vci and flash it with the latest 3201 firmware and use 2020 software, or the second option that you may find works for you, is to also install an older version of autocom like 2014 version, and if your double board vci is a good one (like v3) and has the two diodes replaced, you will probably find you can then connect to the 2012 7 series bmw using the two board vci and the older 2014 version software.Buy autocom cdp at an affordable price | delphi ds150e original-delphi ds150e price hot sale

2 reviews for Autocom CDP ,Delphi DS150E Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner V2021.11

  1. Alex

    i like this v3.0 board delphi ds150e ,it with real 9241a chip that workable on older cars/trucks on audi,benz seat,bmw,opel and renault

  2. Leon

    I purchased the single PCB version and it works great with Autocom version 2020.23. I am very satisfied with the purchase. Great communication and support from the seller. Shipping was also fast.

    Highly recommended.

    • Alex

      Thanks your kindly feedback

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