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CGDI BMW Prog ,CGDI MSV80 BMW Key Programmer

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CGDI BMW PROG is one professional Key programmer for BMW vehicles .CGDI PROG BMW support functions included key programming on BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3, and CAS4 /CAS 4+.
it also work on BMW ISN read, Bootstrapper upgrades, FEM/BDC Key Match, Enable/Disable Key, BMW E/F Series Coding, EGS ISN, CAS Mileage Reset, Porsche 987/911 key learning, 95128/95256 Read and Write, Maserati Meter Mileage Adjustment.



1. CGDI BMW MSV80 not only support BMW Auto diagnose, but also programming and security maintenance.

2. Support 20 Free Authorizations:
CAS1-3+ Key Match, CAS4 Key Match, Normal Mode Read ISN, Bootstrapper upgrades, FEM/BDC Key Match, CAS3 Key Match, BMW F Series Program, BMW Enable/Disable Key, BMW F Series Coding, EGS Empty and Clone, CAS Mileage Reset, Porsche 987/911 key learning, 95128/95256 Read and Write, BMW E Series Program, BMW E Series Codification, Maserati Meter Mileage Adjustment, BMW EWS Key Match, BMW Diagnosis, ICOM Function, CAS4 Key Match(OBD).
Authorizations need pay for activate :
1).A0000015   B48 B58 read ISN  $90
A0000017   MSD80/81/85/87/MSV80/MSV90 read ISN  $120
A0000018   N13/N20/N55/B38 read ISN  $90

2).CAS1 CAS2 CAS3 CAS3+ reset Mileage via OBD . $40

3. Software Free Update Online and Multi-Languages(English, Spanish, French, German)

4. CGDI BMW MSV80 no need activation now, more convenient for customers.

CGDI PROG BMW last Update details:

CGDI BMW V3.2.0 NEW (2020.12.29)

1. Software interface optimization and upgrade
2. Porsche Key Learning added 2M25J chip Learning:Read basic information, Key learning, Load EEPROM
3. CAS4 Key Match(OBD) added “Repair remote key intelligence”
4. Key Match process and display optimization
5. BMW data Repair process optimization
6. Fix some bugs and optimize software performance

CGDI BMW V3.1.4 (2020.07.01)

1. FEM/BDC Key Match:
(1.1) Added Remote key repair function
(1.2) Optimization Mileage reset

2. CAS4 Key Match(OBD): fix 1L15Y Mileage reset

3. N13/N20/N55/B38 Read/Write ISN: Added type
(3.1) EDC17CP02
(3.2) MEVD17.2.3

4. Optimization File loading: CAS3 Key Match, BMW Data Repair

CGDI BMW V3.1.2 Update Information (2020.04.28)
1. BMW E Series Program: fix the problem of parking brake programming key failure
2. BMW Data Repair: when loading CAS3, CAS4 encrypted files, add the option to input the original key data
3. ICOM Function: Optimize connection
4. New and optimized interface:
4.1. Added Settings-software activation, technical support
4.2. Added After-sales contact information (upper left corner of the main interface)

CGDI BMW Prog Software V3.0.2 (2019.12.13)

1. Added BMW EGS Change(F Series-6HP) [Erase and reset]
2. Added BMW E Series Program [Advanced programming]
3. Optimize CAS4 Key Match, FEM/BDC Key Match, ISN Show window
4. Fix user registration issues
CGDI BMW Software V3.0.1 (2019.11.09)
1. Added G_B48 B58 read ISN
2. Added MSV80 read ISN(BENCH)
3. Added ICOM function (does not support XP computer system)
4. Optimize CAS4 Key Match(OBD) processes
5. Optimize BMW Key Match(OBD), CAS1-3+ Key Match, FEM/BDC Key Match interface

CGDI MSV80 BMW Car Key Programmer Support Module list:

1.BMW CAS1/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/key increasing matching,KEY all lost matching,CAS computer replace,CAS3+/P4X above version can directly downgrade by OBD in 5 minus 100% safety.
2.BMW CAS4/CAS4+/Support key matching,support key all lost matching.
3.Support BMW key inspection,can check key what status in.
4.Support BMW engine computer DME replacement.
5.Support BMW MSV80/MSD80/MSD85/series OBD read ISN code (no need to split computer when matching key) Exclusively support in Domestic
6.Support BMW Key unlock.

CGDI Prog BMW Customer Feedback:

CGDI BMW PROG can reprogram EGS for 2009 BMW x5.
CGDI Prog BMW supports BMW 650i 2003 all key lost.
CGDI BMW can read and write the ISN EWS egs for BMW M5 F10 dct gearbox 2013. Can read from DME and write into egs.
F20 2014 mileage reset OK
Read ISN DME MSD80 OK 5WK93628

cas4 F10 – ok (new key)
fem/bdc F31 – ok – reset mileage, change isn, change vin, make keys with oryginal key and with dump from DDE

Read ISN form MSV80 result OK,Read and write ISN cas 3 result OK

Did a 2008 E60 CAS3+ had to DOWNGRADE it took about 10min and programmed key successfully

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  1. Alex

    i tried on cas4 F10 key programming all good but not by OBD2 . Cas4 can only by reading DFlash from Freescale then load CGDI BMW software and generate the key. You need xprog or vvdi prog to read the dflash data.

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