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Launch ThinkDiag Full System Diagnostic Tool 2021 Easydiag 4.0


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Launch Thinkdiag All system OBD2 diagnostic tool 

Last version APP is V2.2.0, new addly support Heavy trucks but need Thinkdiag HML .

You can pay more 130usd for get original Thinkdiag 2 years Full activation ,not the crack thinkdiag software  .

Download the Thinkdiag + APP from Google Play or Apple Store ,if your mobile could not search out ,just download directly from this link .

Launch ThinkDiag is a $3000 level proficient OBDII diagnostic device just like Launch X431 V. It is a vehicle diagnostic tool just like easydiag 3.0. It provides complete systems diagnosis for your vehicle along with 16 kinds of service reset functionality.

ThinkDiag is recommended to use tool with the unique app. It is simple and efficient, and can be used anytime and anywhere. It has complete functions comprising of diagnostic module, ThinkMoments module, ThinkStore module, Me module and more.

ThinkDiag Notice:

1. You can easily connect your smartphone with car via Bluetooth. The app is ThinkDiag and it is supported on Android and iOS platforms
2. The kit is available for free with OBDII, EOBD and Two Software. (you can select any 2 from Special Resetting function and Vehicles Software. For instance, first Chrysle Vehicle software and the second one DPF Regeneration software and use them free in the first year.
3. In case you need additional software, you can pay extra to purchase on the app. Vehicle Software costs $39.95 per year and Reset Software costs $49.95 per year.

Full diagnostic functions of Launch ThinkDiag:

1. Choose All Systems Full Functions Diagnosis, reading the fault codes of the system and clearing the fault codes.
2. Read the info of the car automatically.
3. Begin interacting with ECU and assessing fault codes.
4. Read the live data of the car and show it in graph form. Right mix of multiple data.
5. Create a diagnostic report.
6. Cover over 115 major car manufacturers.

The 16 Maintenance Service functions of ThinkDiag:

1. Tooth learning
2. EGR Reset
3. Resetting AFS
4. Resetting Sunroof
5. Resetting gearbox
6. Resetting air suspension
7. Injector matching
8. Matching of anti-theft
9. Oil Reset service
10. Tire Pressure Monitor system resetting
11. Steering Angle Calibration
12. ABS Bleeding
13. Resetting and learning Electronic Throttle Position
14. Battery registration and maintenance
15. DPF regeneration
16. Electronic Throttle position resetting and learning

thinkdiag reset service functions all list

Launch ThinkDiag Major Vehicle Supported:


original Launch Thinkdiag Vehicles full list




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