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Launch X431 DBScar5 Adapter | X431 DS201 Bluetooth Connector

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LAUNCH DS201(DBSCAR VI) Bluetooth is use for Diagzone ,XPRO5 and X-DIAG PRO3.
Full brands diagnostics and no worry on Subscription.

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This X431 DBScar5 Adapter is Original and New part from Launch Offical .When you damaged or Lost the DBSCAR5 Adapter ,You can get this bluetooth connector to connect X431 device into Android Tablet.

Buy Option X431 Extension Cable
If you want work 24V vehicles ,then use this 24V-12V connector together.

We supply DBSCAR5 Adapter only ,You need buy X-DIAG Pro3 /DIAGZONE / X-PRO5 software !

Diagzone =75USD
X-DIAG PRO3 1 Year :CARS=80usd,Trucks=80usd Electric =30usd ,Immo=25usd

Why you need get this DBSCAR5 Bluetooth Adapter?

1.You lost or damaged the X431 V Scanner adapter. You will sumbit belows details for apply new ones (take about 3-5days prepare),after new replace your older Adapter will and need re-match the new serial nubmer VCI into diagnostic APP. 

Please send us email [email protected] if need apply new ones 

1):Serial number (SN) of your Device;
2). Account name/password on www.dbscar.com;
3).A picture with clear SN . (backside of the main unit and Private paper for claim this is your own device)
4).Older Serial number matching recording

2.The DBSCAR5 able work with cracked softwares Diagzone and X-DIAG.Directly use on Diagzone and Open,Re-flash files for X-DIAG(with ST-LINK Programmer).
You can search on google or Youtube about how do it ,if you do not know We can help and finished the flash for ready to use .

X431 DBSCAR5 Adapter Reviews 1:

DBscar 5 is a good tool,latest version, you can use it with Xdiag pro3 (need to flash) or with DZ (not need flash)

DBscar 5 Bluetooth Connector Reviews 2:

DBscar 5 first need to open and flash with ST-link tool with the correct flash file. Then you can use it with Xdiag. (For Diagzone not need, will work out of “box”.)
No, you can not use your old original x431 software after installing the diagzone because it will be flashed with the diagzone’s boot file.

DBSCAR5 DS201 Connector Reviews 3:

I was told Xdiag better than DZ, only two things i can say it is better in real, Xdiag has better look, it is like the current original launch x431 software, and the most important is that Xdiag pro3 has at all menus the TRANSLATE button, DZ has only later, only at finsih/results page the translate button. It is a deal Breaker / big difference for people who not speak english well!
Both of them supports apaptations and immo functions, xdiag has two immo resets (immo and immo prog) dz has one(immo)! it can be also a plus point for xdiag pro3!



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