//Launch X431 V Diagnostic Tool 2 Years Free Update

Launch X431 V Diagnostic Tool 2 Years Free Update

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Launch X431 V Diagnostic Tool support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

  1. It offers 2 years free update online of the original Launch X431 tool
  2. It supports over 69 brands of vehicles and 220 models of cars globally, right from European, Malaysian, USA, Australian, Asian and Indian versions
  3. It comes with a 8 inch Wi-Fi tablet with Bluetooth connectivity.
  4. It supports multiple languages right from Czech, Romanian, English, Persian, Turkish, German, Swedish, Japanese, Danish, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Russian, Serbian, Hungarian, French, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Spanish as well as Polish.
  1. Functions of Launch X431 V Diagnostic:

It offers complete diagnosis services, reading DTC, clear DTC, reading datastream along with special functions.

It can diagnose the electronic control system of the present car model right from Chinese, European, American and Asian models. The full car system diagnosis proves it to be a professional vehicle diagnostic tool.

  1. Special functions of Launch X431 Pro V:

The function permits you to detect parameters of the system are working normal or not. It majorly comprises of injector testing, fuel pump testing, purge control solenoid and more.

  1. The special functions include BMW idle study, BMW battery replacement, injection rate adjustment for BMW and Nissan matching key.
  2. It supports Benz, BMW, Ford and other major brands like IRKIA, TATA, Lancia, Maruti, PERODUA, Proton, etc.
  3. The reset service: Along with providing brilliant and powerful diagnostic services, the X431 diagnostic scanner also performs other service functions. Some of them are:
  • Oil reset
  • SAS calibration
  • Tire pressure monitor system reset
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) regeneration
  • ABS Bleeding
  • Electric Parking Brake reset
  • Battery register as well as maintenance

The package list of Launch X431 V diagnostic tool comprises of:

  • Launch X431 v 8-inch tablet 1pc
  • DBSCAR 5 Diagnostic connector 1pc
  • OBD II cable 1pc
  • Cigarette lighter cable 1pc
  • Power adaptor 1pc
  • USB Cable 1 pc
  • Non-16 pin connector 1set

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