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ThinkCar Pro OBD2 Scanner & Mini Thinkdiag diagnostic adapter



ThinkCar Pro is a portable, economical vehicle obd2 code reader , which including all system diagnosis  and 15 kinds of special service reset functions.
You will get 5 free softwares one year duration. If you need others vechiles or Maintenance service softawre you need pay 19.95usd each year .
Thinkcar pro is the simplified editon of Launch Thinkdiag ,usually we name it as Mini Thinkdiag and suitable for DIY users and small repair garage .

ThinkCar Pro Compare with Autel Maxiap AP200 :

ThinkCar Pro: 5 Car Brands +15 reset service Free for One Year,obd2 software are free for life

Autel AP200: Only One Car Brand For Free One Year

ThinkCar Pro workable Protocols:

ISO 14230-4(KWP2000)
IOS 15765-4(CAN)
ISO 9141-2(IOS)

ThinkCar Pro Bluetooth Diagnostic Scanner Functions:

1. Full System Diagnose

With superior all systems diagnostics, this multipurpose obd2 scanner can be used to read all available systems ECU information to facilitate the vehicle diagnosis. The complete systems vary from different cars and they usually include
engine, transmission, ABS, SRS, SAS, TPMS, EPB and chassis / body / electrical equipment system etc.

2. Traditional Diagnostics
Supports manual selection of car model software to complete vehicle diagnostics, including reading DTC, clearing DTC, reading data stream, reading version information, etc.

3. OBDII & EOBD Full Functions

1) Real-time data, MIL, IM monitors
2) Freeze frame data
3) Stored DTCs
4) Clear DTCs
5) O2 monitoring tests
6) Test results for continuously and non-continuously monitored systems
7) Pending DTCs
8) Request control of on-board-system or component
9) Request VIN and other data
10) Permanent DTCs

4. Supports 15 maintenance RESET functions:

Thinkcar Pro obd2 reader is the mini version of Launch Thinkdiag

How to use Thinkcar Pro Software and Purchase others:

1. Download “ThinkCar pro” software from Google Mall or Apple App Store .
2. Insert the connector into the vehicle obd interface.
3. Turn on Bluetooth on the phone and connect the connector.
4. In the mall, add the software to your cart
5. Choose the payment method and pay it, after you will get a 12-digit number, and then enter it when you pay.


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