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ICOM Next A+B+C BMW diagnostic tool 2023.12 ISTA


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BMW ICOM NEXT is the dealer diagnostic and programming tool for BMW,Mini Cooper.With ISTA+ and BMW enginer software will do full jobs.


BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C with 1TB 2023.12 ISTA newest software HDD

Notice:(This is clone ones ICOM NEXT made in CHINA but High Quality )



3.If you want newer version ISTA software ,check Here

ICOM Next A is a BMW accessory. API, being the official supplier of the company for service centers in USA. The diagnostic and programming kit runs with ISTA and ISTA/P and works wells with the OSS (Online Service System) of BMW and ISPI Next. The tool connects to your computer, ISID, LAN cable (NO Wi-Fi )

The ICOM Next A works with the newest BMW automobiles via OBD connection. You can use ICOM Next B for cars with MOST connector and ICOM Next C for cars with the help of 20-pin connector.

BMW ICOM Next Highlights:

  1. The recent version of BMW ICOM NEXT Diagnostic tool for BMW works with all the models and renders similar functions and appearances for the original version. It is the advanced version of the BMW ICOM A2+B+C
  2. It works well with ICOM B, C and motorcycle adapters (ICOM D, E) too.
  3. It supports cars till 2022 and allows full system diagnosing and offline programming

Specs of ICOM NEXT A2+B+C:

  1. Key storage without cloning physically
  2. CRI Pass-through Portfolio with DPA Patent
  3. Assured safe supply chain
  4. Enhanced cryptographic amenities
  5. No data while tampering detection

Software compatibility with BMW ICOM NEXT A:

ISPI Next- BMW ISPI NEXT is the recently launched after service tool for the brand which explains the basic functionality of AIR application (i.e. after sale information research). It uses IPSI for diagnostics and ISPI NEXT for the purpose of programming.

ISTA/D- As the name suggests, Integrated Service Technical Application Diagnostic is used for the diagnosis of all models of BMW from all systems.

ISTA/P- As the name suggests, Integrated Service Technical Application/Programming is used for the processing of codes, programmed and allow-dependent control modules in BMW cars.

Rheingold: It is a diagnosing and repair guide with figures and diagrams.

KSD-BMW KSD- Also known sas Kaufmannische Service Data or Commercial Service Data, it has a myriad of data to determine the labor hours, usual service methods and inspection sheets. You can also know about wheels and rims for different cars.

EasyConnect- It helps in configuring Environment Parameter of Engineer Software for BMW E series. It allows activation or release of ICOM Port.

IToolRadar- It allows you to detect ICOM and activate or release the ICOM Port.

Coding tool

Coding Database

BMW Standard tool and equipment

E-sys- Engineer software for BMW F series

ETK- Accessories Catalog

WinKFP- Engineer Software to program BMW E-series

EDIABAS Tool32- Engineer software that runs directly for BMW E-series

NCS Expert Tool- Engineering software for coding for BMW E series

INPA- Engineer software to diagnose the BMW E-series

The full package list of ICOM Next comprises of:

  1. ICOM NEXT A Multiplexer
  2. USB Cable
  3. LAN Cable
  4. BMW ICOM B Most
  5. OBD II Diagnostic cable
  6. BMW 20pin cable
  7. 1TB Diagnostic/Programming software hard disk (optional)
  8. V2023.12 BMW Software HDD included programmers:ISTA-D 4.45
    SDP Programming Database 4.44.31, Multilingual
    VIN: 2023.03
    ISTA-P:, supports BMW motorcycle and electric vehicle programming.
    for BMW ETK  2019.12
    for BMW KSD  2019.11
    INPA 5.06, winkfp 5.2.3, NCS 3.5.1
    BMWAi Refresh Hidden 4.6
    E-SYS V3.30, database V68.0, Chinese version software added
    DR.GINI B021
    The latest FSC navigation code software and IBAC coder
    Added DISV57 and DISV44 for old B.M.W cars, diagnostic and programming
  9. Supported Languages:English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish,
    Thai, Turkish, Czech, Indonesian, Greek, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

2 reviews for ICOM Next A+B+C BMW diagnostic tool 2023.12 ISTA

  1. Pascal Delvaux

    ICOM tested! Works great with no single Trouble! i like it special lastest 2019.12 ISTA Programmer.

  2. Spiros Goumas

    Fast shipping ,i got it from dhl 4days . it is very easy use just insert the Hard disk to myself laptop.Special price is very nice!!!

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