//Digiprog III Mileage Tool V4.94 Diagiprog3 With full cables

Digiprog III Mileage Tool V4.94 Diagiprog3 With full cables



Digiprog III Mileage Correction Tool V4.94

Digiprog III Language : 

Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Portuguese, Italiano, Turkish, Nederlands

V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 Odometer Master Programmer Full cables

  • Covers most cars from 1996 to 1 Dec 2013.
  • Perform service interval (or oil inspection) adjustments and settings: Yes, DigiProg3 is not only a mileage changed, it’s also a full blown OBDI/OBDII fault code reader. It can also reset fault codes.
  • Full blown EEPROM programmer: Can change ECU chip manually by changing portions of it’s code, hence car’s behavior.
  • Integrated PC communication: You can also connect DigiProg to your computer (Windows), and perform data backup, updates or change settings.

V4.94  digiprog 3 Add Model List: (If you want know Workable Vehicles List ,Please contact us )

Ford :
F150 24C16
Falcon 24c02
Kuga Transit
Mercedes :
W176 new version
W204 new version Diag

W212 new version Diag

R 172 Diag new version
R 231 Diag new version
Opel :
Insignia new version
Astra new version
For Audi :
A6 Diag new version
A8 Diag new version
For VW :
Amarok Polo Johnson

2016 Newest Digiprog 3 V4.94 mileage correction feedback:

  1. Mercedes W251 R350 2010 ok OBD

no sync problems no can filter needed

  1. Digiprog do all Golf 4 without problem!!!  Golf 4 BOO via OBD OK
  2. BMW X1 2013 – no bmw after 2002 can go by obd, you have to program the 35160 chip in cluster and the cas4 (or fem?) module.

or cluster + can filter cable behind cluster to block cas. but digiprog can’t program 35160

  1. dp3 clone will do a 2010 Audi A6 dash via obd, it will takes a while to find code but will do it.
  2. w219 works as w211 just flashes dash obd
  3. Mercedes class B W246 use direct in OBD digiprog 4.94
  4. To read and Save mb w211 2003 cluster eeprom, need to desolder it.
  5. Digiprog 3 4.94 clone can do Mercedes E550 2004 via OBD but will put ezs to 9999999..
  6. 2004 touareg obd ok
  7. 2014 Audi A1 with the 4.94 version ok
  8. Aveo 2012 OBD ok digiprog clown


Digiprog III Package List:

1pc x Digiprog3 Main Unit
1pc x OBD2 Cable
1set x Cables and Adapters(Show as Product Picture)


Additional information

Weight N/A

Full Cables, OBD Version


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