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Vgate vLinker FS Ford Diagnostic Cable,Passthru FORScan Scanner

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Vgate vLinker FS is one Professional-grade and user-friendly OBD adapter. that recommended by the FORScan Team.
Fully compatible supported on FORScan’s advanced functions, Ford agreements and modules.
Compared with the other Forscan interfaces, the Vlinker FS USB interface is fast, with rock solid connection, no dropped packets, no data corruption
FREE download Forscan software from www.forscan.org.

Vgate vLinker FS Highlights :

1.The Vlinker FS with built in Protocol switching allows FORScan to access all CAN buses at the same time, no manual switching required
Supports FEPS 18V programming voltage output in FORScan.
2.Automatic Electronic Switching
3.Supports Ford Medium Speed CAN (MS CAN)
4.Automatically recognize to HS-CAN and MS-CAN
5.Avoid manually replacing the CAN line when programming

Vgate vLinker FS FORScan Interface functions(All functional parts):

1. Automatically lock
2. Speeding Alarm
3. Emergency brake flashing lights
4. Lock the car and whistle
5. Xenon lamp mode
6. One-click skylight
7. Tire pressure monitoring
8. Snowflake logo
9. Cruise function
10. Compass
11.Average (instantaneous) fuel consumption
12.ECO energy-saving mode
13. Steering power adjustment
And More…
Product functions are limited by different cars and software versions, not all functions can be applied to all cars

Support Apps(Windows ONLY) :
FORScan, ELMconfig, ELM FF2, FoCCCus, etc. If you are not sure whether the app can be used in our products, please confirm with us first.

Support 12V & 24V Car:
Supports 12V/24V cars that comply with the OBD2 protocol standard, provided that the APP you use supports your car model. (works perfectly on Ford F-150 super duty etc)

Supports Windows System:
Windows 10(32bit and 64bit), Windows 8.1/8 (32bit and 64bit) and Windows 7 (32bit and 64bit)

You much do these settings on FORSCan software before test :

1.Connection type to FTDI
2.Baud Rate :115.2Kbps
3.Tick off “Auto-Increase”


Will the interface work with my car?

The interface is used to support Ford, Mazda, Lincoln and Mercury cars.
It supports 99% of models after 2000 and about 92% of models after 1996.
NOTE: The new 2019+ Mazda 3 and CX-30 models are not yet supported.
For new cars from 2021, FORScan may offer limited options.

Vgate vLinker FS Forscan Interface Reviwers:

1.Works for Ford Mondeo 4 2009G. All units see, errors read. Noticeably faster works than other usb cables.
2.Recommended!!!working perfectly to diagnostics Ford Fiesta 2013.
3.I have the OBDlink EX, after purchase this Vlinker FS ,Tested both good and auto switching.
4.Easy to use plug and play, Worked perfectly with FORScan. reads live Engine Cylinder Head temperature, coolant temp, and transmission coolant temperature


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