Suzuki SDT2 Software support VCM2

How to make Clone VCM2 work for Suzuki Vehicle   this is how I made it work with the Suzuki sdt2 software. The SDT2 diagnostic software only works on the latest Suzuki model vehicles (see application list).  The SDT2 can be used for pass through reprogramming of modules on most Suzuki vehicles when combined with the SEPS software. SEPS software is not included with this kit. Note: The SDT2 does not have immobilizer capabilities. I used the cheapest FORD VCMII clone from china....yep..the cheapest $ 100. I installed the FORD IDS V86 on the clean install windows 7 32 bit professional ,after then open the Bosch [...]

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Locksmith Key programmer Knowledge

Something BASIC Knowledge you should know before you Start Auto-Locksmith  Key programmer Job     Transponder and Immobilizer System :   What is the Immobilizer System ?   The Automobile Immobilizer system refers to the system set up to prevent theft of the Vehicle . It consists of an electronic controlled remote controller or key, [...]

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Benz Diagnostic Tool something You should know

Mercedes Star Benz Diagnostic Tool and Software Let’s first explain what Mb Star C3 or SD Connect C4  is for those who may be wondering. This is the diagnostic scanner that is used at Mercedes-Benz dealerships and some auto repair shops. It can also be purchased by independent shops. These scanners include the hardware and Xentry [...]

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vvdi prog update Xhorse vvdi prog news

VVDI PROG Programmer VVDI PROG Update ----Latest Software Version V4.7.3  (2018-07-27) * This version VVDI PROG Update DON't need update firmware * Fix some bugs + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.7.3 version in Doc folder + Add CAT1021, CAT1022, CAT1023, CAT1024, CAT1025 options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> + Add CAT1021(CLIP), CAT1022(CLIP), CAT1023(CLIP), CAT1024(CLIP), CAT1025(CLIP) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-> [...]

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Great OBD2 Adjust Mileage tool MT401

OBDPROG MT401 support list from customer feedback : FOR Hyundai Accent 2011... by obd in 2 seconds FOR  Focus 2013 OK FOR  Fiesta 2012 OK FOR  Grand punto 2010 OK FOR  Punto 2007 OK FOR  Grand cherokee 2013 OK FOR  Astraj 2010 2011 2012 NOT OK FOR  Fiat fiorino obd ok FOR  Audi A4 2007... [...]

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Yanhua Digimaster 3 Update

Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1707.21 (2017-08-02): New add car models for odometer adjustment and airbag resetting models. New added odometer adjustment: 1. American GM Buick Regal 24C32 2. American GM Buick LaCrosse 24C32 3. American GM Buick Verano 24C32 New added airbag resetting: 1. Luxgen 28556KM120 Digimaster III Version: 1.8.1705.20 (2017-05-27) New added Benz anti-theft function [...]

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Xhorse VVDI Prog upgrade to V4.6.6

------------------------------------- v4.6.6 (2017-12-31) * This version DON't need update firmware * Fix some bugs + Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.6.6 version in Doc folder * Fix MC9S12XS series write error problem * Fix EWS3 ADAPTER R&W error problem * Fix SPC56AP series write error problem * Fix D70F3356 write error problem * Upgrade MB91F061 [...]

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