//Launch X431 OBD2 Cable ,X-431 Main Test Cable

Launch X431 OBD2 Cable ,X-431 Main Test Cable



Original and High Quality LAUNCH X431 OBD2 Cable with free shipping


1.Main Test Cable for Older X-431 GX3 and X431 MASTER  (DB15 -DB15 with extra AC cable)

x431 master main test cable

2.Launch OBD2 Main cable for X431 IV (DB15 2lines – DB15 3lines with extra AC Cable)

3.OBD2 Diagnostic Cable for Launch X431 GDS and Launch Creader VIII,VII+,CRP123,129…Creader Series  (DB15 – OBD16 Male)

4.OBDII Diagnostic cable for newer X431 PRO3, PRO and Launch x431 V,V+  (DB15- OBD16 Female)

Launch X431 PRO3 Cable


5.OBDII 16E Connector for X431 Master /GX3 and Smart OBDII 16E for X431 IV

Launch X-431 SMART OBDII 16E Connetor


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