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VAPON VP996 Key programmer,2023 arrival Key tool special for USA vehicles


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VAPON VP996 Key programmer is the Expert Professional Solution Coverage 80% Vehicle Model.Specially degsin for American Market.
2023 new arrival VAPON VP996 has been instead of SKP900 key programmer,Lifetime upgrade and no tokens limited

VP996 Key Programmer Highlights :

1. Professional operation guidance and Simple to use
2. Chip type detection: 46, 48, 4D, 8A, 4C, 6A, 8E, 8C, 13, 11, 12, 7935X, 7149, VW5, 5C etc
3.85 car brand coverage
4.Supports All Keys Lost and Read pincode offline
5. Support English and Spanish
6.You will need get the extra FCA 12+8 Adapter for newer 2018+ Fiat ,Chrysler, Alfa and Romeo.

VAPON VP996 Key Tool Model Coverage:

Download VAPON VP996 key programmer vehicles list :

Ford(FORD-AU) Buick Cadillac Chevrolet Chrysler Jeep Ford GMC Hummer Lincoln Mercury Potiac Dodge

Alfa-Rmeo Audi Bently Citroen Fiat Jaguar Land Rover Maserati MG DS Peugeot

Acura Honda Hyundai Kia infiniti Isuzu Lexus Mazda Mitsubishi Misuoks Nissan Subaru Suzuki Toyota Scion

VAPON VP996 Key Programmer Speical for USA Vehicles


Vapon VP996 Key Programmer Lastest Update News :

on June 15th, 2023,VP996 updated BMW immobilizer system includes CAS1 /CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+/CAS3++ /CAS++ (ISTAP).

All software does not need to be connected to the Internet, fast programming.

1 SERIES 2003.02-2004.09     E87 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,
1 SERIES 2004.10-2011.06       E87 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,
1SERIES 2006.02-2011.12        E81 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
1 SERIES 2006.11-2013.10       E82/E88 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,

3 SERIES 2004.02-2007.08    E90 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,
3 SERIES 2004.02-2012.05     E91 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
3 SERIES 2005.05-2013.10     E92/E93 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
3 SERIES 2007.09-2011.12      E90 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,

5 SERIES 2001.12-2005.09     E60/E61 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,
5 SERIES 2005.10-2010.05     E60/E61 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,

6 SERIES 2002.05-2005.07    E63/E64 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,
6 SERIES 2005.08-2010.07    E63/E64 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,

7 SERIES 2000.02-2008.07   E65 CAS1 IMMOBILIZER,
7 SERIES 2000.02-2008.07   E66 CAS2 IMMOBILIZER,
7 SERIES 2005.03-2007.07    E68 CAS1 IMMOBILIZER,

X1 2008.09-2015.06                  E84 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
X5 2006.02-2013.06                  E70 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
X6 2007.01-2014.06                  E71 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
X6 2008.10-2011.09                  E72 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER,
Z4 2008.01-2016.08                  E89 CAS3/CAS3+ IMMOBILIZER.

On June 5th, 2023, Vapon VP996 updated supports Ford 2020- Blade key/Smart Key both add key and all keys lost by OBD.


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