//Renolink V1.87 Crack Software Installation

Renolink V1.87 Crack Software Installation

How to install Renolink V1.87 on Windows 7?

We advise you use the Original OBDLINK SX Diagnostic Adapter as the most stable Passthrough Device .

Renolink V1.87 is the Professional Programmer that for Coding ECU ,UCH Matching ,Airbag Programming on Renault and Dacia Vehicles .With Lastest Database it will support till 2019 Year.


1.Download Crack version V1.87 Renolink (email for get link)
2.Install the Microsoft.NET Framework 4 firstly
3.Install the FTDI Driver (CDM21218-Setup_720.exe)

4.Run and install Renolink setup
5.Copy and replace renolink.dat and RenOLink patch files to C:/Program Files/RenOLink

6.Send Shortcut to Desktop
7.Connect OBDLink SX cable with laptop via USB port,and You will find the Hardware on Manager .
Setting the COM Port to “COM4”


Finshed !! Enjoy the job !!!!

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