//DELPHI 2017.R3 DS150E Diagnostic Relased

DELPHI 2017.R3 DS150E Diagnostic Relased

Autocom / Delphi 2017 R3 Final version for Car and Trucks

Newest Relased AUTOCOM 2020.23 

This newest Delphi DS150E 2017.R3 Diagnostic Programmer with new firmware .it have been tested on the old CDP, AUTOCOM CDP + and Wurth WOW Snooper perfectly. (SN 100250 and 30250).
Software package included Keygen free use and compatible prefect on Windows 10.If you want test it email me for Delphi 2017.R3 get download .

Delphi 2017.R3 Software Menuautocom cdp plus 2016.R0

Fixed Bugs

1.new fixes for affected Windows 10 PC’s (random activation loss after PC restart). No self-deletion of the activation !!
2.new fixes (CARS database) for all brands, mostly Mercedes connections issues have been sorted!
3.new fixes (TRUCKS database) for all brands
4.connection with modules fixes (database fixes). A lot of modules connection is now reachable without issues!
5.Turbocharger and DieselMax license fixes,
6. new VIN search fixes,

Update functions :

1. ISS works for all of the cars!!!!
2.History function fully works
3.New maps and codding guides (update for new cars) and many other small changes.
4.Completely rebuilt database and protocols for old and new 2016-2017 cars as well.
5. Bluetooth work!!!

How to Install Delphi 2017.R3 Final on Windows 10 ?

1.Frist you should have one fresh Windows 10 installed,othwise may it not successful.
2.Uninstall all external antivirus software like “McAfee” etc and Restart
3. Run file “1. Windows 10 fix.reg” and confirm then Restart PC again
4. Run file “2. DefenderControl” and clik “Disable Windows Defender”,Restart
5. Run file “3. Wub” and clik “Disable Windows Defender”, select “Disable Updates” and click “Apply Now”.Restart PC
6.Now Install Autocom/Delphi 2017.03 software and activate with it Keygen.


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  1. Muner October 26, 2022 at 7:30 pm - Reply

    Hello can i get link download for Delphi 2017.R3

  2. roman June 22, 2023 at 8:00 am - Reply


  3. roman June 30, 2023 at 12:42 pm - Reply

    DELPHI 2016/2017.R3 holl lehet letolteni

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