//Delphi Autocom 2021.10 Diagnostic Software for Cars ,Trucks

Delphi Autocom 2021.10 Diagnostic Software for Cars ,Trucks

Delphi Autocom 2021.10 Diagnostic Software

This is the release 2020.23 with database of 2021.10,it works exactly like the release Delphi 2020.23

Download Link :https://anonfiles.com/oa5ai4l6z3/2111_rar

Pay 5USD to get activation code for Delphi 2021.10 /Autocom 2021.10

Autocom 2021 Software Support Windows system :(uninstall any previous release)

Windows 7×64
Windows10x32x64 -sep2022 (+sep2022 not works)
Windows11x32x64 -sep2022 (+sep2022 not works)
Best Windows 11 22H2(21H2 not work well), some Windows7 , W10 not work .

Interface Advise: Single board Autocom /DELPHI DS150E

to cancel the update, just add a condition for the firewall (IN / OUT block for Main.exe) or use my script for Windows Firewall. put in to Autocom or Delphi folder and run as admin.


Update Autocom 2021.11 – 2021.10b

1. New modern look of Autocom interface.
2. Generic scan fixed (for some Windows configurations fault code window was empty).
3. Unblocked DTC assist function + online DTC assist updating.
4. Extended database futures from genuine software.
5. Program is now faster and responsive (more than old 2020.23).
6. Major bugs fixes.

Question :
Hello guys, I’ve downloaded the delphi 2021.10 program but I have a problem, first of all, when I unzip it i get the instructions, 1 exe and 2 bin files, I suppose that is correct
The problem comes when I execute the file, the antivirus blocks it and says that is a program that collect user passwords
but anyways, I disable the antivirus to install it, and it gives me an error:
ShellExecuteEx failed; code 1155. There is no specified application associated with the file specified for this operation. What can I do?

Answer :Try rebooting pc, disabling Windows defender, re extracting the zip and adding again the exclusion and now it worked.You can trust it as many users installed without problems .

Questions :How is test on Autocom VCI ?
Answer :
Cars I’ve tested:
Leon MK3 year 2015: both the double board and the single board vci read all the modules correctly
Peugeot 308 year 2013: equally, the two vci read all the units
Toyota Avensis year 2010: the same, with the two VCI they read the same number of modules
BMW F10 year 2015: the double plate VCI, it looks like it wanted to connect, but it took so long to read that we gave up, however with the single plate, it reads all the modules of the car perfectly
BMW E60 5 Series, 530D: in this the dual-board vci shows a connection error (firmware 1622) that is, with that firmware it doesn’t even connect to the car, and with the one-board one, it reads everything perfectly.
In short, after having had 2 dual-board VCIs (at that time I didn’t know the difference), the best thing I’ve done is buy the latest single-board VCI… I’m happy and much happier with the program.

I remember that someone had shared, a photo of Autocom showing the CUPRA brand in the brand selection, a pity that it is not included yet, I hope that new versions can appear later… greetings to all

Question :How good does it work compared to autocom 2020.23? Anyone tested?

Answer : It is almost the same, but Personally I like more the design of 2021 comparing to the old
The best part is that delphi 2021.10 works on windows 11 22H2, and 2020.23 doesn’t

Just to let you know this version does work on Win7 32bit. Thanks again for your hard work.

For me also doesnt work
But you can see here that some members are working with this software on Win7 32 bit just fine

Greetings, I wanted to share the tests that I have carried out on the cars of my house and friends.
On my laptop with Windows 7 32-bit and Windows 10 64-bit.
On the Windows 7 partition install the dual-board VCI version with firmware 1622, and on Windows 10 the single-board version firmware 3201

Question: I tested it then main.exe opens and closes, doesnt start on windows 7 32 bit
Answer :Go With win11 you have not problem,

I have tried it in win7 x86 and win10 22H2 x64 and it works fine but I have a little problem with the icons (buttons) and I think the problem is in the resource.dll file.
Any solution for this bug?

Answer :Try install on W11 22H2

Question: Does this software work with J2534 interfaces such as openport?

Answer :It wont work as passthru J2534 ,Only autocom or delphi ds150 vci

Hello i have win11 pro 22h2 and open but say, “you are likely already ANPCS! some other programed migth also be is in conflit with anpcs”

You need win 10 22H2 or Win11 22H2 after will be good
Yes, I just confirmed ,I have installed in a laptop where 2020.23 didnt work, and this version delphi 2021.10 is working !!


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