//FVDI 2014 diagnostic tool Experience

FVDI 2014 diagnostic tool Experience

What is FVDI 2014 diagnostic tool work or not good ?

Dear members,
I bought a v2015 FVDI Diagnostic Kit, what stopped working after a year, because the FLY company disabled it.
After 3 year, I found a member named kver on MHHAUTO forum, who reflashed it using a CP2102 adapter for a very cheap money to FVDI 2014 Full .

2023 arrival FVDI 2014

So here are what works on my FLY FVDI 2014 :

-Renew and unlock MB W203/W209/W211 ESL (using a big database, what you can find on MhhAuto): OK (tested by me)
-Read (PIN/CS7) VW Golf 5 Micronas dashboard: OK (tested by me)
-Read (PIN/CS6/MAC) VW Golf 5 from (autodetect) Gasoline ECU: OK (tested by me)
-Read Opel Astra H / Zafira B pin code from Info display: OK (tested by me)
-Read Seat Leon 1M VDO dash PIN: OK, but must choose VW brand, because under the Seat menu it crashes when I pressed the K line instrument button (tested by me)
-Read/Write Touareg RB8 dash eeprom/km: OK.
-Mercedes W168 write PCF7935 and XT27 from dump Immo module dump: OK, but you need to precode the transponder correctly using the VVDI (mini key tool/VVDI2).
-Read PIN and learn Astra J/Insignia key: OK, the learn procedure is very well described, while learning the old keys are deleted.
-write PCF7936 from UCH dump for Clio 2: FAIL, but works add precoded transponder by OBD
And here are what NOT works:
-Ford Mondeo 2008 Visteon dash: milage correction by OBD not OK. Read old value ok, but cant write new. (tested by dinho)
-Ford Transit 2008 add new key: not OK can not read key info (tested by dzoha17)
-Mazda 6 2006 mileage: not OK (tested by dzoha17)
-Audi A6 4F read immo data : OK, but precode ID8E failed. (tested by Pifu_lux23)
-Read (PIN) Golf 4 from Motometer dashboard: not OK. Even the original Zed-FULL not readed it. Only solution was to disassemble the dash and read the 24C memory using CarProg. As I heard SKP, VVDI2 and many many other tool can read it. (tested by me)

Ford Mondeo 2008 Visteon dash, milage correction by OBD not OK. Read old value ok, but cant write new.
Ford Transit 2008 add new key -not OK,can not read Key info .
Mazda 6 2006 – milliage not OK

Have problem with my FVDI ( V4-1.pcb )Works all, but without the most important functions for me
E.g. key programming Audi A6/Q7 with EZS Kessy : read all, but during making dealer key : “Error: Cannot calculate security access. Please contact dealer”.This error is on all A6 cars with EZS Kessy ( Fvdi 2015 making all of it without problem ).
Software full 2014, Hardware activated by KVER.

I think it is the antenna problem, please try to add a 680pF capacitor to the antenna and everything will be good.

For more details check this List :Original FVDI 2014 Diagnostic tool Experience

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