//What’s the best VOLVO Diagnostic Tool

What’s the best VOLVO Diagnostic Tool

What’s the best VOLVO Diagnostic Tool?

1. VCT2000 VCI with VADIS Programmer(1998 to 2010 Year)

VCT2000 was developed as a communication tool between VADIS and vehicles for the introduction of S80 in 1998. Electronics and functionality have developed since then and we need a more up-to-date product. The new product is called DiCE.

2. VOLVO DICE +VIDA 2015A Programmer(2000 to 2016 Year P80, P1 ,P2 , P3)

DiCE is electronic hardware that connects your Volvo to a computer running Volvo diagnostic software called VIDA. It allows two-way communication between VIDA and a Volvo car, primarily to enable a mechanic to either get diagnostic information from the Volvo to fix a problem, or to update the Volvo with the latest Volvo software.

Volvo Vida Dice 2015A Diagnostis Kit


3. VOE adapter 9513108+ VDash(Faster option for new SPA / CMA vehicles) (2017- 2023)

VOLVO DICE doesn’t work on SPA models. SPA cars since 2016 XC90 requires online subscription of $75 for 3 days and VOE Adapter (OBDII-Ethernet adapter)to work.

4.After-Market OBD2 scanner Volvo Diagnostic Tool

A universal OBD2 Scanner will work for Volvo cars too,but it just do general read/clean DTC, not full systems and no to reset/reprogramming .
Example Thinkcar Thinkdiag .check here workable list of Volvo Diagnostics software.
Or AUTOCOM CDP VCI with 2021 autocom software ,that is good universal obd2 tool special for European cars

5.Original or High Quality China Volvo DICE unit +VDASH Advanced software

VDASH is a sophisticated Volvo Programming software ,that primary purpose is the diagnosis and software update of personal Volvo vehicles through the OBD II connector. For full compatibility, VDASH is designed for use with the Volvo DiCE cable, based on the J2534 chipset – either the original cable or a proven clone from China. Alternatively you can use Super J2534 or Mongoose JLR cable, instead of DiCE.

Working Volvo years :

P80 – S/V/C70 from 1999
P1 – S40II, V50, C30, C70
P2 – S60, S80, V/XC70, XC90
P3 – V40II, S/V/XC60, V/XC70
SPA – S/V/XC90, S/V/XC60
CMA – XC40 / C40
Polestar 1 and Polestar 2

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