//Launch X431 Creader CRP123 update

Launch X431 Creader CRP123 update

Do you want do Launch Creader CRP129 ,CRP123 update ?

We offer original LAUNCH X-431 update with 2 years or 1 year Renewal Service Card .The Renewal Card will work on Launch V/ V+/ X431 Pro Mini/ ProS Mini/ DIAGUN IV/ 5C.

Ok please prepare several things in advance :

1. CRP123 Update tool ,download here CRP123 Update tool (This suit X431 CR Series DIY Tool)

CReader VII(96419)/CREADER VIII(96649)CRVII_US(96729)CRVII+(96639)
CRP123(96489)CRP 129(96509)
CR301(97859)CReader 308(97929)CReader401(97549)…etc

2.TF Card Reader (if you have not it you can Buy from ebay or aliexpress)
2.Your launch crp123 serial number ,(Find on the lable of unit back)
3. CRP123 register code ( on the CRP123 machine screen menu )

Step1: Take out TF card from x431 crp123 and load it to TF Card reader ,Pull in laptop usb port 。 install that crp123 upgrade tool and then run it select language you need .

X431 CRP123 Update step1

Step2 :Put the serial number and click “Device upgrade ” button .

Step3.Register the machine with your email address ,register code

Step4.Confirm System upgrade for finish the job.

It will be same way work on Launch x431 VIII,launch creader 6,x431 creader vii ,launch creader 8 …etc

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  1. steve smith September 8, 2021 at 10:54 pm - Reply

    There is no abs code reader or diaganose on crp123 for 2006 cadillac cts 3.6 ? I can not find code or tool on launch CPR123 to fix ABS!!!

    • Alex September 9, 2021 at 3:45 am - Reply

      CRP123 not support 2006 cadillac CTS 3.6,(it support 2008-2011 year 2.8L and 3.0L CTS)
      You can try use the GM MDI , it is the dealer tool for GM /Opel

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