Fcar F502 scanner trucks obd2 reader



Fcar F502 Scanner for Heavy Duty Trucks Free Shipping

Fcar F502 Scanner Features:

1.Support Heavy Duty Trucks thatwith standard protocol of heavy-duty trucks (J1939 and J1708)
Diagnose the vehicles by OBD16 via diesel 6PIN and diesel 9PIN Diagnostic Socket.
3.Support ECU of vehicles like CUMMINS、Bosch、DELPHI.

Fcar F502 main Functions:

◆Engine #1
◆Axle, Power Unit
◆Axle, Trailer
◆Brakes, Power Unit
◆Brakes, Trailer #1
◆Instrument Cluster
◆Trip Recorder

Fcar F502 obd2 reader for Trucks Softwares:

ENGLISH , Last Software 6.0 release was on Aug 6, 2017 .


Fcar F502 obd2 reader Package :


F502 Handheld Main unit with OBD16 Cable

OBD2 to 6/9 Pin Adapter

Manual book

USB Cable for update


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  1. admin

    Great and cheap ones obd2 code scanenr for Heavy duty trucks

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