//SVCI ING Nissan Tool Program TCM fast

SVCI ING Nissan Tool Program TCM fast

How to Programming Nissan 310F6-1VA5A TCM ?

Our Shop new arrival one Nissan Diagnostic and Programming Tool name as SVCI ING Nissan Tool.
SVCI ING can be used to Programming new blank and used ECM,TCM after you replace ECU on your vehicls.

Example Nissan TCM Part ID :310F6-1VA5A BEA01-120NA1 3603 :

Step 1 : Download and install Baochi Diagnostic software ,Register it

Step 2: Connect SVCI ING Nissan TOOL with the Transmission Control Module (TCM) and supply 12 V power.Pull on the Bluetooth Dongle to laptop USB port,Pair this Bluetooth device (You can find it name as SVCIBT-NS**** .

Step 3 : Run the Nissan ING diagnostic Programmer and select Reprogramming — –Replacement —TCM menu,Then just select Default operation mode and choose the match Proper file .

Step 4 : Turn off Ignition and replace your TCM ,after turn on Ignition as message show you .

Now all ready for Programming , just wait about 4 minutes it will transfer data to TCM .

Last step : When you see it show message Programming Completed ,Turn on/off ignition several times. Click “OK” and clear the fault DTC codes

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