//VIDA DICE TOOL Diagnostic Newer 2015 Volvo

VIDA DICE TOOL Diagnostic Newer 2015 Volvo


As we know newer Volvo cars need online access System(Buy Subscription) to diagnostic that is expensive is hardly bear
for some small repair workshop and Car owner.

You have 4 options for wok on Newer models:

1.VIDA DICE + 2014D with Edit SQL(or VIDA2015A)
4.Vida DICE + VIDA online Subscription

But on VIDA2014D some engines and VIN are not listed ,So you need edit the SQL data to add the VIN .
After these jobs you will make VIDA 2014D to suppot newer p3/p4 models (No SPA platform support and no V60CC yet.)
(If after this new SQL file replace your VIN still not suppot ,try read this Post for get help)

VIDA 2015A without Dongle Software download ,here some links

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hW3WEOLNeRTkSuDTUkiTV0xd1Sf9hXy1/view?usp=sharing (password: mhhh)
user name admin or 1

So, to update your Vida2014D Follow these steps..

1) Download the modified “BaseData” SQL files from here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uM2JvXlx48mRuD6yf8ufTyYf2L5na7CR/view?usp=sharing)
2) Unzip the files to a folder somewhere easy to access (Such as your desktop)
3) Stop Vida With Vida monitor (By the clock, Right click it, then choose stop)
4) Stop the VIDA SQL service (Windows key + R and type “services.msc” and click ok, now scroll down to SQL Server (Vida) and right click and choose stop)
5) now navigate to C:\Vida\db and take a copy of BaseData_Data and BaseData_log and put them somewhere safe just in case.
6) Now back to where we extracted the new BaseData files and copy them to C:\Vida\db , it should ask to over write the existing BaseData files. Say yes to overwrite them.
7) Start Vida with Vida Monitor (Right click Start)
8) Start the Vida SQL service (See item 4, but Right click and Start)
9) You may need to Repatch Vida.

Test Example :
This is a 2017 V40 CC…yes it says 2015….the year drop down has not been modified.

Want to do more jobs not only Diagnostic ? Try VDASH programmer with the High Quality VOLVO VIDA DICE (DUAL Boads,Cheap ones VXDIAG VIDA Dice only 1 PCB not good enough)

What’s Volvo VDASH programmer ?(Free account for one car and some modules need pay )

VDASH fully supports these functions:

Diagnostics – reading /clearing DTCs
Removal of the 180 km/h speed limit in MY2021 models and newer (maximum speed 250 km/h)
Detection of handling of kilometers with 99% accuracy (on P3, SPA, CMA)
Reset service interval – SRI
Changing the language of the on-board computer and radio
Increasing engine power, replay the engine unit software
Change of car configuration (STOP / START off, video activation while driving, independent heating activation, cruise control activation, on-board computer activation, change of USA> EU region, etc.)
PIN decoding on the CEM and ECM unit
Adding / removing ignition keys and remote samples
Pairing of SCL and SCU units
Copying / cloning of electronic modules
Coding of injectors
Data recording
Reading READINESS codes
Vehicle service history management
Guarding the upcoming technical inspection
Print reports from the service session
Keeping a logbook in a station wagon with VDD – VDASH dongle
Update of the Bluetooth module settings in P2 cars

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  1. Nick Kemp October 12, 2022 at 5:10 pm - Reply

    when will this be available VIDA DICE TOOL Diagnostic Newer 2015 Volvo

    • Alex October 13, 2022 at 12:48 am - Reply

      You can use DICE interface work with the vida2015a software ,on the post have link to download

    • Alex December 8, 2022 at 2:15 pm - Reply

      you can use vida dice work together with 2015a vida software (free download on google ) , 2015a actually is edit version from 2014a (add some vins on database)

  2. Leo December 8, 2022 at 2:09 am - Reply

    Hello, in the store the item “2015A DICE WITH DONGLE” is out of stock, will “2014D DICE” work with my 2017 S60, I just have to download the 2015a software?

    • Alex December 8, 2022 at 2:03 pm - Reply

      Yes you can use vida dice work with 2015A software to support newer Volvo , If your car not supported you need try add your VIN to the vida software database . Google able find out the soulation

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