I don’t want to have to drive to a SUBARU dealership every time a warning light comes on. I have tried a variety of OBDII code scanners which can display and reset check engine codes,but not diagnose AIRBAG codes and Hybrid Vehicle. that the SSM3 software would do this job .the Dealer tools name Hitachi HDS3000 or the newer Denso DST-i.them sold on around 2000usd ,7800usd that out of my Price.

After search i found this VXDIAG MULTI SUBARU SSM3,I got one fast deliveried .Then tested it and its fully functional as far as I can tell..
I’ve connected to all the control modules easily, and changed the Body Integrated Unit programming..
You can view real-time parameters.
You can view codes with a short description.. Both current and past.
You can also do output tests, things like trigger door lock solenoids, horn, fuel injectors, etc.
You can customize to a limited degree. Options on my car are (not all actually do anything, for either XV or Impreza, according to the service manual):

Auto or Manual A/C (if you read my writeup, this was necessary to get the display to light up when i did a manual to auto climate swap with high grade mfd)
Rear Def. Continuous Or or timed
Security alarm on or off
Impact Sensor On or off
Alarm arm delay on or off
Lockout prevention on or off
Buzzer Sounding On or Off (beep when you lock and unlock, i think)
Abnormal warning lamp flashing on or off (flash when lock or unlock)
Passive Alarm (? Might arm alarm without needing to lock the doors.)
Door Open Warning (?)
Dome Light Alarm Setting (? Flash Interior Light when alarm goes off?)
Wiper Deicer On or Off
Country Code
“Off delay” (accessible from high grade MFD, i think its the interior light delay.)
Auto Light Sensitivity
Illumination Sensor Setting (Whether you have auto headlights?)
Factory Initial (Factory Defaults maybe? The service manual says “Do not change to factory mode.”)
Power rear gate
Xmode Sw
Driver’s Door unlock (Driver or all, I seem to remember that this doesnt actually change anything, though.)
Rear gate unlock setting
Mean Fuel Efficiency Correction (This was nice, I fixed their “optimistic” numbers.)
Ambient Temp Correction

Program new keys. How this is done specifically depends on the year the car was made, however. In some cases you do and some cases you don’t need “teaching codes” as I recall. The U.S. specs don’t have a Security control module, its more the collective ECU, cluster, and BIU.. Any one of the three if replaced needs to be programmed or the car doesn’t start. I am going to try to swap in an XV cluster to replace my impreza cluster after I have the oil consumption test (and recall completed if it fails that test).

Set a new center on steering wheel for VDC.

Read and clear crash data record.

Re-level, correct headlight level for cars with HIDs.

Bad experience:

This isn’t documented anywhere,and i should search and learn knowleage from google .
Occupant detection sensor calibration doesn’t work. According to the SSM3 user manual, there should be an option under Each System Check > Occupant Detection > System Calibration, but this option does not exist.

– The FlashWrite tool which comes bundled in the installer does not include the databases required for ECM programming.



I use this VXDIAG SUBARU do key programming for a while ,it is a bit different from most key programme .You have to get NASTF LSID or a good friend who work on SUBARU dealer shop.You also need the IMMO Code to program keys /fobs ,this code won’t change once you got it .Your dealer should give you IMMOBILIZER Code free or charge .
Nice to Customized setting ,it is handy for doing stuff lkie turning off the Passenger seat belt warning or setting the Wper de-icer to work as long as i tell it insteat of a 12 minute cycle . Or make the door locks /Unlock with one press of the Remote key .I think you would not able use other OBD2 tool finish these jobs


Anyway one word: This VXDIAG SUBARU SSM3 tool really Worthy to own. Not high cost and powerfully functions for Garage even Subaru Owner

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