//Orange 5 ECU Programmer reviews

Orange 5 ECU Programmer reviews


( References From CARTECHNOLOGY UK Forum)

We supply High Quality clone Orange5 , 3 versions with different prices. V1.34 ,V1.34+ and V1.35 PLUS(1:1 as original FW)

1.Reviews Compare Original ORANGE 5 with Clone for users whos still confused

Orange 5 ORIGINAL with Full adapters = Price 700 euro + Shiping
Lisence Price
M08V NEW = €50
Immo HPX 9V0 = €300
NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/SG3 UART = €60
NEC V850E2 NEW = €60

So total Price is 1170 EURO

Orange 5 Clone V1.34 With Full Adapters = Price 85 usd

M08V NEW = Free
Immo HPX 9V0 = Free
NEC V850ES/SJ3 V850ES/SG3 UART = Free
NEC V850E2 NEW = Free

So total Price is 85 usd
And the Clone one Work Perfect , dont trust anyone who say that’s the original better than Clone ..

2.I like orange more than over UPA,i have OEM clone orange 5 and it works all good..
the sad thing is that the drivers are not compatible with windows 10 the one I like using…To overcome this I load up two operating systems…windows 10 and 7 in one computer…just for orange 5.

3.P.S ask seller which serial No. before buying device

There is around 2 serial No. For Clone Orange5 in market and ONLY one Were working the original HPX plugins from scorpio-lk.com
Well This Serial No. under is Working with current plugins nod
Immo HPX 9V0

This is bad Orange5 ,serial No. under is NOT working above Plugins shake

So Carefully Before buying,Best luck

4.Hi,I am thinking to buy an orange 5 programmer but i am in doubt about the version that i shoul buy because i dont find so much information about the diference beteen the versions.
Does anyone know if the newest 1.36 version works good ? Beacause the diference on the price from 1.34 is not significant so i not very confidant that it works fine like 1.34.
Answer :
V1.35 is best ,it is the 1:1 copy of Virgin , V1.36 we also name it as V1.34+ ,add a few functions under V1.34

5.Hi all received my orange5 and tested
93c66,46,56, 24c02,04
S190, hc08(1j35d)ss read eeprom and flash
Hc05x32 ss and read all went good.

6.I buy Orange5 china clone. Work great. Now i check in hc05b8, hc11e9, and eeproms. All read and write very fast.

7.my orange5 clone does not work it says “hardware error: PS04” did someone come up with it? how can it be solved?

Answer : I think this error show almost because unmatched Software and Firmware . May be You make the upgrade but the clone ones Orange5 not support update .
First try backdown V1.34,if still error that means it locked only ship back to seller relfash the at91sam7x256 MCU .

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