//What’s Job can be done with Clone GM TECH2 Scanner ?

What’s Job can be done with Clone GM TECH2 Scanner ?

GM Tech2 Scanner is the 2nd GM factory scan tool used in all GM dealers since 1996. Model coverage includes all makes and models of GM vehicles including passenger cars, trucks and vans. Model year coverage is from 1992 to 2013.
The Tech 2 will allow your shop to be to ‘dealer level’ capable on all covered GM cars. Scan, pull codes, graph data and have all bi-directional controls available for all vehicle systems including Powertrain, Body, Chassis and Network.
This Tech2 tool will also allow you to re-program controllers with the optional TIS2000(USA) or GlobalTIS(European) programmer.

Since Original Tech2 have been discontinued ,Then you can try the China clone GM Tech2 with cheap price for your workshop.

high quality clone gm tech2 scanner

Example 1:Turn off F55 Magnetic Ride on 2005 Corvette C5

1.Connect cables and Hook up Tech2 to vehicles.(Make sure module in the rear is PLUGGED IN ,do not unplug the reear module.

clonee gm tech2 powerfully functions

2.Turn on the car, and Power on GM Tech2.Go Main Menu F0 Diagnostics-2005-Passenger car-Chevrolet-Y-Vehicle Control System-Computer/Integarated system-Manual-Module setup-Body control module-BCM Setup

3.Press “Yes” if Tech2 ask to setup a new BCM

4.Press “Yes” to config options only

5.Select Region USA and module memory recall

Now New BCM setup is complete ,F55 Magnetic ride removal have been done .

Example 2:Programming GM Key fobs with clone GM TECH2 on 2007 Saturn Lon2

1.Connect Tech2 to OBDII port and Turn on Ignition but with Engine OFF
2.Power on clone GM TECH2 scanner
3.GO Menu Diagnostics-Vehicle Idenfification-2007-Passenger car-Saturn-A-F1(Body)-BODY CONTROL MODULE-Special Function -Program Key Fobs

Programming time required is 30 sec maximum.Be ready to pross and hold Lock and unlock when instructed .
Once learned ,the Tech 2 will let you know whether it passed or failed


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