//MongoosePro GM II fix SAAB “I-Bus Missing” error

MongoosePro GM II fix SAAB “I-Bus Missing” error

After tried to connect a GM MDI which was promised to work with my SAAB, only to find out that Tech2Win couldn’t successfully communicate with anything,
I decided to figure out why, and fix it.And now, I’ve done it! No longer will you be plagued by “I-Bus Missing” error messages stopping basically all communication with your 2003+ SAAB(9-3).

To make a long story short, some bug in Tech2Win or the SAAB Tech2 software itself causes all communication to be done in a certain mode without actually switching to that mode.
All the CAN messages then go out to the car with the wrong header, so the car immediately ignores everything, and the Tech 2 concludes that the car must not be there.
I have prepared a version with the issue fixed. Download it and read the README.txt inside the archive to get it started.


The software Package included
Tech2Win 2.336
Saab NAO V148
Emulator Saab

If you want TIS2000 or Global TIS,You can download from here

TIS2000 for USA
Saab Global TIS2010 for European
Saab EPC 2010

Hardware :

Mongoose GM ,clone GM MDI or others good Passthru Interface(which support D-PDU API/ISO 22900) .
VXDIAG interface been tested not working at all ,so forget on it .


Modification V148 Saab NAO .bin file and Tech2Win.
Windows : Windows XP or Windows 7 (A virtual machine also work great) .

Here how we test on Clone Mongoose Pro GM Cable :

Mongoose GM is a J2534 pass-through adapter by DrewTechs.
Compare with GM MDI ,Mongoose GM adapter is a low-cost but also same high-performance diagnostics interface.
Mongoose Pro GM II supports GDS2,Tech2win and TIS2000/Global TIS programmers.

Firstly You will need modifi your clone MongoosePro GM cable (Fix PIN1 not work ) ,After then the cable will get security access working and full function of Tech2Win on SAAB.
here introduction PDF

Clone Mongoose Pro GM2 cable modification-fix-pin1 .

cheap clone ones Mongoose GM Diagnostis

Steps make Mongoose GM fix “I-Bus Missing” communication error

Install Tech2Win:
1. Remove any previous version of Tech2Win from your computer. Note that the
Tech2Win uninstaller will delete all configurations and software cards that
you had installed. Be sure to back them up if you want to keep them!
2. Install Tech2Win version 2.336 using the installer in this archive.

Install Patch:
3. Open the Tech2Win installation directory
(Win7: C:\Program Files\General Motors\Tech2Win\bin)
(WinXP: C:\Program Files\General Motors\Tech2Win\bin)
4. Rename “emulator.exe” to “emulator original.exe” in case you wish to unpatch
5. Copy “emulator SAAB.exe” from this archive into the directory
and rename it to “emulator.exe”

Install Configuration & Software Card:
6. Open the Tech2Win configuration directory
(Win7: C:\Users\Public\General Motors\Tech2Win)
(WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\General Motors\Tech2Win)
7. Copy “Saab NAO.conf” from this archive into the “config” directory
8. Copy “Saab NAO.bin” from this archive into the “pcmcia” directory

Activate Tech2Win:
9. Open the Tech2Win settings directory
(Win7: C:\ProgramData\General Motors\Tech2Win)
(WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\General Motors\Tech2Win) [“Application Data” is a hidden folder!]
10. If present, delete “emulator.lic” and “emulator.sec” from the directory.
Note that this will invalidate any licenses you already have.
11. Open Tech2Win and select the “Saab NAO” configuration
(or whichever configuration you wish to activate)
12. When asked to select a VCI, click “Cancel”. Wait for the Saab logo to appear
13. Click “PWR” on the bottom right of the Tech 2 keypad to close Tech2Win

Tech2Win is now activated and ready for use using the “Saab NAO” configuration. Choosing a VCI

If your VCI doesn’t show up in Tech2Win’s list, there is some other problem that’s unrelated to this patch. First, ensure that your VCI supports the D-PDU
API/ISO 22900 that Tech2Win requires. If it does, make sure its drivers areinstalled and up to date, the device’s firmware is up to date, and that the VCI
is selected/connected/enabled in the VCI manager software (if applicable).

If Tech2Win quits without any error message as soon as you try to communicate
with the car, there may be an activation issue. Repeat the installation steps
under “Activate Tech2Win” and try to communicate again.


Feedback :

  1. Thanks ! after follow your way i tested on MY2006 9-3(US Market),it working great .mine interface is chinese clone MongoosePro GM II cable
  2. Quickly tried this manual on my 2006 9-3 SC Aero ,BTW VCI is MDI clone and Windows 10 64bit .after install GlobalTIS i got security access to add ICM. That awesome and thanks a lot
  3. The original 9.250 NAO bin worked fine with my Mongoose device. DrewTech has a Tech2Win driver GUI that needs “Pin 1 not to be dropped” for CAN.
    Once I stopped dropping the SWCAN, the P-Bus and I-Bus both worked just fine on my 2010 SS 9443.
  4. I have tested and confirmed working many functions on my 2003 and 2007 9-3s,including reading and clearing DTCs, reading data, performing activations, bus
    testing, getting security access, changing personalization settings, adding and removing modules, and adding keys. There may be other functions that do not
    work, but I would be a little surprised.


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